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Melinda Rychlik-Clark


Life Coach &
Social Media Expert

Empower Women to slay giants in their life, to live happy, joyous, and free, and change their family tree

 About Melinda

Growing up the oldest out of her siblings and the oldest granddaughter on both sides of her family, Melinda knew that she'd be a mom and teacher, God willing! After graduating from The University of Texas at Tyler, she was an elementary school teacher for 15+ years, but being a mom of five children, she knew God was calling her to stay home. She was also determined to get laser focused on God transforming her life, so she stopped drinking and worked hard on her mindset in sobriety.

Since then she was able to hit the top 2% of the network marketing company she joined earning the car incentive, wrote the book, Slay Those Giants, Girl, and started coaching Christian women how to market themselves on social media by coaching them to do it themselves or being their virtual assistant. She is now a Christian Life coach for moms, tweens, and teens, a speaker and advocate for women of all ages to find their voice and set boundaries to change the generational strongholds in their family tree through Christ. She is also a soon-to-be podcaster!

She finds her passion in serving others, positively fueling her mind, body, and soul as well as spending time with her husband, five children, and amazing friends.

Take Audacious Action 
Speak Life to others 

Forgive and Let Go
Love Like Jesus

Empower Your Marketing Group

Where busy mamas, teens, and tweens can come learn how to become Virtual Assistants for themselves and others.

Coffee Cup Chat

Elevate your body, mind, and soul to slay giants in your life; Faith based life coaching to weed out behaviors holding your back from living happy, joyous and free!

Empower your Life

Empower The Yet

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